This is your space.  Your domain.  Your refuge.  Sub-par work is not an option, and inferior components have no place here.  We want to use our knowledge and experience to design, install, and integrate the best possible solutions that fit your lifestyle.  

There is no universal solution that fits everyone's needs, and each installation has unique requirements and challenges.  A well-designed system should fit seamlessly into your life and should be easy to use.  It should also perform well and work visually with your environment.  We keep all of this in mind from design, to product selection, to installation.  We also don't just install a bunch of different, separate components.  We integrate them so that they work together in powerful yet simple ways, and the possibilities are endless.

When choosing a company to install audio, video, or automation equipment, there are several things to consider: How much experience does this company have?  What do their customers say about their work?  What is the quality of the products they carry and components they install?  AVHQ can confidently answer all of these questions with reassuring answers.  With 35 years of experience, and thousands of installations completed, our customers are very satisfied with our work, and the products and components we install are simply the best available.

Because it matters to you...

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